The First Models of Electronic Cigarettes on the Market

The introduction of electronic cigarettes on the market is a boon. Chinese scientists have invested their valuable time, effort and efficiency to create one of the most outstanding smoking cessation devices that one could ever think of. Even though you are actually using a smoking cessation device, the one that will compel you to quit smoking, you don’t even realize it.

The Idea
The idea of a healthier alternative to smoking has long been considered as one of the most essential elements. However, nothing much could be done about it. Several ideas like smoking cessation chewing gums, nicotine patches, sprays and other things were created to give the nicotine hit to smokers. Alas! Nothing really worked and smokers got back to the habit of smoking once again.
It was in the year 2003 that the Hong Kong based company, Ryan Group Ltd became the first developer and supplier of electronic cigarettes in the world marketplace. As with any other pilot devices, the first of its kind, electronic cigarettes, had bigger dimensions with a repulsive appearance. Nonetheless, as the popularity of electronic cigarettes started increasing by leaps and bounds, there were further development in the shape, size and structure of these products.

At present, electronic cigarettes are simply indistinguishable from the regular tobacco cigarettes or products for various reasons, and its appearance is just one of them.

The Crucial Features
There are several distinguish features of electronic cigarettes, which makes it one of the most awaited smoking cessation devices in the world. Electronic cigarettes have reduced the weight factor dramatically.
Moreover, the sizes of electronic cigarettes have become one of the most convenient factors for users, compared to what it was. In addition, electronic cigarettes have always been further stylized, which was very much needed because the first few models were not up to the mark. The size was, indeed, one of the greatest disadvantages of electronic cigarettes.

China – The Birthplace of Electronic Cigarettes
China is the birthplace of electronic cigarettes. One of the primary reasons being that it was designed and developed by a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, in 2003. However, it is much debated that the first electronic cigarette was designed by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963. Way back then, this device was described as the smokeless non-tobacco cigarette, which involved replacing of burning tobacco and paper with heated, flavored and moist air.

But since the Chinese made electronic cigarettes popular globally, the credit for designing and introducing the device goes to them.
The first device was introduced in the Chinese domestic market for smoking replacement and cessation in May 2004. Hon Lik was then working for a company called the Golden Dragon Holdings, which was renamed as Ruyan, and its products were exported in 2005-06. The company got its first international patient later in 207.

There are several models of electronic cigarettes available today, marketed by various tobacco companies. The leader in tobacco industry, Lorillard Inc is the maker of the best electronic cigarettes in the world.

electronic smoking the new way to get your nicotine
electronic smoking the new way to get your nicotine

Safer Alternatives
Electronic cigarettes are now positioned as one of the safer analogue of the traditional tobacco products. Nonetheless, it may or may not become effective for smoking cessation.

Of late, there is a wide range of electronic cigarettes available, in different sizes, various flavors and amazing variety. As a matter of fact, with the rising trend of electronic cigarettes, more and more users are taking a look at the features.

The cartridges of electronic cigarettes are also coming in different flavors. With so many brands coming up with latest techniques and new range of products in different flavors, the competition in tobacco brands is growing rapidly.

Reasons for Growing Popularity
There are several reasons for the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. First of all, the devices actually benefit you to quit smoking. Moreover, it is best because you can smoke almost anywhere, without any restrictions. There is no ban on smoking electronic cigarettes in public places or restaurants, which makes them one of the most optimum choices for recreation.

However, there are some countries that still don’t allow the use of electronic cigarettes because they have doubts over the efficiency of this product.
According to research, electronic cigarettes make smoking safer and better choice.